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Drive shopper traffic.

WAIVPAY’s Gift Card Systems drive engaged shopper traffic to retailers. Beautifully customised digital and print-on-demand gift cards for unique brand experiences. Gain deep insights into shopper behaviour and customer engagement.

Traffic | EngagementDigital Gift Kiosk

Drive shopper traffic with WAIVPAY’s new digital giftcard kiosk. Customised to your brand and messaging, this new on-property channel issues digital eftpos and Retailer giftcards. Delivered immediately into your shoppers’s email inbox or wallet, this is the new leading way to track and trace new traffic to your brand and shopping centre.

Pair with WAIVPAY Qube for deep insights into your shoppers’ behaviours and traffic analytics.

Traffic | EngagementWebStore Online Sales

Offer gift cards on your existing web properties.

The WAIVPAY’s Gift Card Web Store provides a seamless and effortless purchase of gift cards on your web properties. Our white-label Web Store Platform is used by hundreds of centres throughout Australia-wide to offer shoppers digital purchase of physical gift cards customised with your brand.

Perfect for shopper self-service, bulk promotional gift cards, loyalty programs and Christmas Clubs. Pair with WAIVPAY Print-on-Demand Kiosk to create online and phyiscal delivery of branded gift cards.

ConciergeCustomer Service Desk

Industry’s leading secure, flexible, robust Gift Card platform

In today’s competitive marketplace, capturing new business and retaining customer loyalty is integral to a successful business. WAIVPAY’s gift card point-of-sale solution (GiVVPOS) delivers these goals to your business.

For all your gift card processing, production and fulfillment requirements, WAIVPAY makes it easy to start a gift card program tailored to your needs. Using our comprehensive web portal, GiVVPOS provides you will real time management for all aspects of your gift card program.

  • Load gift cards from any online PC, laptop or mobile device.
  • Single and bulk load for corporate or marketing incentives.
  • Search, track and and real-time reporting of all issued gift cards and transactions.
  • User multi-permissions for your corporate operational, managerial and executive reporting needs.

Integrate with WAIVPAY’s Kiosk and Webstore solutions for a comprehensive program suite to create online and phyiscal delivery of branded gift cards.

Self-Service Delivery PlatformDigital Retailer Store

On-premise digital store for fundraising, loyalty and community building

WAIVPAY’s Digistore is a white-label store front for digital retailer store cards. Embed into your web properties to offer your members, customers and staff the best retailer store cards and perks. You have complete control over stock, quantity and discount with full reporting and budget controls.

Retailer cards are offered to you at a discount for you to make margin on each and every sale. Fundraising has never been so simple!

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WAIVPAY’s gift card digital kiosks, point-of-sale and embedded web stores drive shopper traffic.