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Rewards | Recognition | IncentivesInstantly reward your customers and employees

Take engagement to the next level where behaviours can be instantly recognised, success celebrated and loyalty rewarded immediately. WAIVPAY’s MicroGifts is a new innovative platform for recognising rewards, recognition and incentives. The digital wallet MasterCard is instantly delivered to your personal device and beautifully customised to your business and brand.

Pair with WAIVPAY Qube for complete end-to-end insight of customer loyalty, reporting and analytics.


A Better Way to Engage, Reward and Delight

WAIVPAY’s MicroGift digital MasterCard makes rewards and incentives easy. Delivered straight into your employees and customer’s mobile digital wallet and customised perfectly to your brand; it’s the perfect way to create loyalty to grow your business.

Creative Gifting

Open new opportunities to engage and delight with imaginative gifting with WAIVPAY’s MicroGifts. Instant awards, weekly team achievements, channel incentives, partner recognition and support are great ways to strengthen your business via MicroGifts.

Instant Seemless Delivery

Delivered instantly to your customer, shopper, employee or beneficiary, seemlessly send MicroGifts. Create new relationships and strengthen existing engagements. The MicroGift pops into ApplePay or GooglePay mobile digital wallets to be redeemed effortlessly with contactless Tap'n'Go.

No Hidden Fees

Save time and money. MicroGifts are the easiest and cheapest way to deliver frequent reward and recognition. A cheaper alternative to plastic gift cards and more impactful to instantly recognise and reward behaviours.


Configured with your brand, logo and products, MicroGifts have personalised messages for each of your beneficiaries. Architect delightful experiences to create sticky goodwill and everlasting engagement.


Use anywhere where digital MasterCard is accepted. A WAIVPAY MicroGift is a MasterCard delivered digitally for instant redemption anywhere where digital Mastercards are accepted, in-store, online, domestic and internationally.


You’re in complete control of your MicroGifts to create multiple programmes and products. Manage budgets, recipients and programs with robust controls and spending limits with comprehensive reporting.

How Does It Work?

Your MicroGifts are individually customised to your brand and messaging, budget and controls. Send to one; send to many from $5 to $1,000.Create as many products and programs as you need.

Receive a gift to your mobile phone via email or text message
Add the MicroGifts digital MasterCard to your mobile wallet
Use your gift card at any merchant that accepts digital MasterCard

Who Will You MicroGift?

Instant rewards and incentives made easy. There are so many ways to build your business with WAIVPAY’s MicroGifts. Why not start right now by recognising employees, customers and partnerships who help you succeed?


Motivate and Reward

Discover new ways to engage your employees and uplift team spirit. MicroGifts give you new opportunities to show your appreciation to those around you who have contributed to your organisation’s successes.

Super Contributors

Recognise those in your team who go over and beyond for the good of your organisation. Provide public recognition to those who support your business, and encourage others to be their best.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Equip your staff with the ability to reward behaviours and value creation. Allow others to instantly send a reward to staff performing above and beyond.

Remote Staff

Remote staff can feel isolated, and while online meetings keep us contacted, they don't keep us in touch. WAIVPAY’s MicroGifts has great goodwill for your remote team. What about a $5 thank-you coffee for stronger team relationships?

Customer Support

Immediate rewards for superior customer service and realising service achievements can be given either daily and/or weekly. Support your team that meet objectives outside formal KPIs and who go the extra yard to save a client.

Sales Team


Encourage your sales team to meet and exceed their targets. WAIVPAY’s MicroGifts are a perfect tool for your sales team to close business deals, and for you to reward their accomplishments.

Energise Your Sales

Reward measurable achievements such as lead generation, sales conversions, or signing in a new customer. Recognise instantly to link the reward with the outcome, and let them celebrate spontaneously with their team.

Sales Wins

Instantly reward staff for meeting sales targets or signing on new customers. A great way to incentives your sales team to take on new initiatives.


Use MicroGifts as an incentive to meet prospective business contacts, or as an invitation to trial or test new products. Offer reward prizes for reviews, and/or responses to invitations and surveys. Perfect way to give sign up bonuses and reward immediately.


Create special reward initiatives to support STIs

Customers | Partners


Your business relies on the support of your customers and partners. Show your appreciation and keep your business their business with MicroGifts.

Thank You

Recognise the organisations that help make your business successful. Customers value your efforts and partners devote to you and your success. Show them your appreciation with MicroGifts.

New Client Relationships

Building new customer relationships can be challenging, but also very rewarding. MicroGifts are a perfect way to show your appreciation at the end of a business meeting, and provide that sincere and valued reason to contact prospective clients in the future.

New Business Referrals

Accelerate your referral process by rewarding stakeholders who forward you new business opportunities. A referral is the lowest cost of acquisition of any new business; use MicroGifts to reward those who help you to succeed.

Partnership Appreciation

Celebrate milestones with partners. WAIVPAY’s MicroGifts are an innovative way to instantly say ‘Thank You’

Get Started

Take the initiative to reward.

Use WAIVPAY’s MicroGifts digital Mastercard to instantly reward your customers, partners and employees