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WAIVPAY’s Cashback programs gives you the ability to directly connect with the purchasers of your products. Gain benefits from having access and connection with those who love your product. Create traffic and sales. Learn why shoppers buy your products.

Connect | Engage | RetainCashback Platform

Providing incentives to customers, employees and partners evitability boosts sales. Cashback programs enhance customer engagement and drive sales. WAIVPAY’s full service Cashback and Competition programs create new and dynamic ways to reach your audience. You’re in complete control of the program that is designed to your needs and fully managed from start to finish.

Promotions are managed from planning to payment to dispatch. Our campaigns are tailor-made to meet your business and customers’ needs.

  • Promotion MechanicsOur diverse industry experience across leading brands has positioned us to design and implement effective and cost-efficient customer rewards strategies with successful outcomes.
  • Point-of-Sale Kitting and DistributionWe provide complete point of sale kitting and distribution services including hamper assembly, trade kits and individual kit dispatch.
  • Digital PaymentsUtilising the latest digital technology, customers experience less wait times at great value to maintain the essence of cash back rewards.
  • FulfilmentFrom planning to physical delivery; we have the expertise and provide the efficiency customers have come to expect from WAIVPAY.

WAIVPAY’s Cashback and Competition programs will generate new shopper connections, customer retention and sales growth.

Retention | EngagementRetention and Loyalty

Leveraging the customer relationship is what takes your business to the next level. With the latest technology, we provide you the tools and insights to create new loyalty with your customers and partners.

Since 2004, WAIVPAY Cashback has led the way in cashback and loyalty programs, marketing products and developing new technologies, in both Australia and New Zealand. We provide an exciting and rewarding experiences for consumers, that ultimately drive growth for our clients.

As Australia’s leading cashback and loyalty programs we deliver data-driven campaigns. With our real-time reporting and analytics, we track and measure your customers’ spend and always know the success of your campaign. We manage the cashback promotion from planning through to payment and dispatch, and each campaign is tailor-made to meet your business and customers’ needs.

A successful cashback campaign creates long-lasting loyalty. Our end-to-end programs means retention and recurring engagement with your customers.

Delight | SurpriseCompetitions and Prizes

Incentivize your customers with life-changing rewards.

Encourage your customers to engage with WAIVPAY’s Cashback Competitions, to give your loyalty programs extensive word-of-mouth boost. Efficient and effective consumer engagement, with eye-catching competitions, sweepstakes and games are proven ways to dramatically increase your brand’s awareness.

WAIVPAY Cashback Competitions offer huge rewards to the customer for highly effciency. Our programs structure prize pools and distribution to deliver standout promotions without the expense.

There are few things more exciting than the prospect of a life-changing reward. With WAIVPAY Cashback Competitions realise high impact, high return results.

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Cashback and Competitions program deliver total promotional management, from planning, to fulfillment, to payment and dispatch. Delight and connect with your shoppers with digital and physical cashbacks, gifts and competitions.