Like most shopping centre groups, the GPT Group was offering a single gift card design from their Customer Service Desks and websites. Gift Cards could only be purchased from shopping centres when the Customer Desks were open and attended.

eGiVV Solution

Through our print on demand kiosk technology eGiVV provided kiosks to each GPT Group shopping centre. In less than 2 years GiVV has grown the GPT gift card business by 30% due to our unique innovations including:



  • Creating an expanded range of centre cards which each centre can update at any time – particularly important for seasonal marketing activity such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.
  • Providing a new and extended range of Custom Designed Cards that can be redeemed anywhere in Australia. Over 80 cards on offer, across multiple categories and sold at a premium price point.
  • Queue busting technology including scan to activate, effectively eliminating long queues and lost customer sales which had been a pain point for centres over many years.
  • Self-service Kiosks acting as additional distribution points and the bonus of 24/7 operation.

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