eGiVV had been receiving feedback from a number of our clients who were looking for ready-to-go cards that could be loaded at various times and for various values. This was creating a significant workload for our clients and was a time consuming process for eGiVV staff.  It was clear that our clients needed a solution that was flexible, secure and real-time.


eGiVV Solution

We created an online platform called GiVVPOS. A solution that enables a range of flexible benefits that suits a growing base of delighted customers.


Features and benefits include:

  • eGiVV provide a pre-printed range of customer branded cards to the customer. These cards are secure and have a lifespan of 8 years to activate.
  • The customer logs into the online GiVVPOS portal with a secure username and password. Once done they can load gift cards at any time and any value.
  • The system enables a single card load or high volume bulk cards if required.
  • Customers can extract reports in real-time and administer their account as required.
  • Funds can be allocated to cards using a float system or via a credit card purchase.
  • Customers can use the system from any mobile or online device.

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